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Urban waterscape: a future vision for the Drechtsteden

The Drechtsteden region in the province of Zuid-Holland can be enhanced by development that would transform it into a historically based, recognisable urban waterscape. This conclusion results from an in-depth study conducted by Posad and Maxwan (which have since merged to become PosadMaxwan) with Noha for the Drechtsteden Economic Development Board.

 The study yielded seven specific recommendations for spatial-economic development in the area:

  1. Strengthen ties to the landscape.
  2. Develop the campus.
  3. Focus on waterways.
  4. Promote development near stations.
  5. Connect culture, landscape and water.
  6. Improve the centre(s).
  7. Encourage high-quality housing.

Posad, Maxwan and Noha observe that the Drechtsteden area has undergone significant urbanisation in recent decades. It faces specific infrastructural challenges because of the three rivers that converge there. The waterways serve to unify the region, but this fact is not yet sufficiently being taken advantage of. The recommendation is therefore to focus on transforming riverside locations. The banks of the Noord, Oude Maas and Beneden Merwede should be turned into places where people can enjoy the water, showcasing the Drechtsteden as an attractive area to live, work and play.

The Economic Development Board presented the recommendations to members of local government on 30 August 2018. Read the full study (in Dutch) here.

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